YISAC 2012 is the continuation of an international conference series started in 1994. The idea was created by Dr. Božidar Ogorevc (National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia) and prof. Kurt Kalcher (Karl-Franzens University, Graz, Austria) to put one more facet into the wide landscape of existing international conferences, but dedicated primarily to young scientists. Until now the event was organized in Ljubljana, Graz, Venice, Pardubice, Sarajevo, Zagreb and Novi Sad.

To facilitate particularly the achievement of envisaged objectives, YISAC involves a few specific characteristics:

(a) the field of presentation / research is analytical chemistry and related areas;

(b) the conference addresses particularly students (master, PhD) and their supervisors;

(c) only oral presentations are accepted;

(d) the conference is divided into individual sessions presided by a chairlady / chairman; the chairing of sessions is also done by students;

(e) particular emphasis is paid on cultural and social aspects and approaching of the participants;

(f) basically the costs for the conference should be covered by the participants and/or their home institutions; sponsorships are particularly welcome!

(g) each YISAC conference is accompanied by a supervisors' meeting, which selects the next meeting locations and discusses suggestions, opinions and critics related to YISAC;

(h) a rather stable number of around 35 students has manifested so far.