AGRI-KNOWS is an Interreg Bi-lateral Project between Slovenia and Italy supported by the University of Nova Gorica (UNG) and the University of Udine (UniUd). The Project purpose is to implement sustainable agricultural concepts within different institutions and at various study levels in order to enable teachers and students access to pertinent current knowledge across agricultural and environmental issues. It has been acknowledged that worldwide agricultural chemical transfer can act as pollutants impacting on food quality, therefore, within this project there is an emphasis on the chemical analysis of soils and specific spatio-temporal chemical inputs at both landscape and catchment levels.
Within the project student groups at Primary and Secondary levels will be educated in aspects of “best practice”, with soil chemistry experimentation over a two year period which also involves technical days, workshops, excursions and presentations of analytical results. Teacher education seminars are also a vital component of the project as are also the outreach Summer Schools for local people already involved in agricultural production. .