There was a week of STUDENTS SEMINAR ACTIVITIES. The target public were Students of Chemistry - ITT Malignani 2000 - Cervignano del Friuli Classes IVACM - VACH - VBCH and teachers of scientific area of the school. Prof. Maria Pia Coceano (ISIS Malignani) presented general informations of soil parameters, which are useful for the characterization. On septembrer 19th dr. Gilberto Bragato (CRA-RPS) had exercise in the field and spoked about different profiles of the soils in Friuli-Venezia Giulia and tecniques of soil sampling. In Palazzolo dello Stella e Gradisca d Isonzo they took a samples of different soils.
During the week the students worked in laboratory of research. On 21th september had also a presentations of the results by the students.